Pivat Perfect Pairings


Choose one of our handpicked cigars and pair it with any of our flights.

Every week, Pívat will suggest a new Perfect Pairing for your enjoyment. 

August 3 - 9, 2020

Cognac Flight | $35

Hennessy VSOP 

Kelt XO 

Martell VSOP 

Pair With Cigar of Your Choice

Ashton – Symmetry Sublime | $21
Top 25, Medium-Full Body, Notes of Nougat, Toast, Chicory, and Nuts

Arturo Fuente – Don Carlos | $20
Top 25, Belicoso Shape, Medium Body, Nutty Flavor Full of Almonds and Orange Peel

CAO – Flathead | $13
Box –Pressed, Full Body, Notes of Ripe Fruit, Leather, and Molasses